SAMFU Foundation Working for Nature

Contacts: P.O. Box 6829, Jangaba Ave.,
ELWA, Paynesville
E.: +231 886 531 661

About Us

SAMFU's Mission is to promote partnerships with environmental organizations, the Liberian government and communities to ensure a sustainable management of Liberia's natural resources.

We educate local people how to use natural resources of Liberia for the economic and social well-being of the whole community. Our charity also monitors the activities of multinational companies in Liberia to ensure that they meet government standards for the care and employment of their workers. Sustainability is at the heart of all our projects.

SAMFU is committed to sustain peace in Liberia. We train staff and target communities to ensure effective participation in promoting peaceful co-existence in Liberia through conflict prevention and transformation in the extractive industry sector.

SAMFU empowers staff and coastal communities to ensure effective participation in promoting the long term survival of endangered marine species and sustained recovery of depleted stock...
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